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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SpeedPainting is the technique of creating an artwork or painting quickly, often using digital software such as Photoshop or Procreate. To SpeedPaint, an artist typically uses a combination of brushes, layers, and other tools to quickly create the desired image or design. The artist may also use a reference image or sketch to guide their process

SpeedPainting works by using rapid strokes and a loose style to quickly create an image or painting. This technique is often used to capture the essence of a subject or scene, rather than a precise representation. With the use of digital tools, SpeedPainting can be an efficient and effective way to create artwork quickly.

Whether SpeedPainting is worth it depends on the artist's goals and preferences. SpeedPainting can be a valuable tool for artists who want to work quickly or create time-lapse videos of their process. It can also be a fun way to challenge oneself to create artwork in a short amount of time. However, some artists may prefer to work more slowly and carefully to create a more polished final product.

Some speed painters paint upside down as a way to challenge themselves and add an element of surprise to their process. By painting upside down, an artist must rely on their visual memory and intuition, rather than simply copying what they see in a reference image or sketch. This can lead to a more dynamic and creative final product.

Yes, you can paint over a SpeedPaint. Since SpeedPainting is typically done digitally, the artist can simply create a new layer and paint over their previous work. This can be a useful technique for refining and improving an initial SpeedPaint.

The "best" speed painter is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some popular SpeedPainting artists include Dina Brodsky, David Jon Kassan, and Tim Gagnon. However, there are many talented speed painters out there, and what makes someone the "best" can vary depending on factors such as style, subject matter, and personal taste.